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Submission Guidelines

How to submit photos to Dark Lily Magazine

1:Send 5-8 high resolution images without logos or with logos 1/4" placed inch from all sides.Send your logo on a gif or tiff file so we can move it if needed.No giant obnoxious logos, small and well positioned. Images must be minimum 300 dpi sizes 2550 x 3300 or 5100 x 3300 pixels are full page formats, smaller sizes accepted must be a minimum of 1500 x 1500 pixels to be considered. 2:Please name all images with photographer and model name

3:Photographers include photo release and send to Viseratta@yahoo.com releases are found at the bottom of this page

Official Dark Lily - Photographer - Model

To apply to be an Official Dark Lily Photographer or Model

Step 1, is send us 7 of your best high resolution, Fantasy Art images via Viseratta@yahoo.com
. If we like the images, the following information will apply. If we like the quality and creativity of your work, and are interested in working together. We will then invite you to be an official Dark Lily Artist ,this publication is currently monthly.

Your responsibility is your commitment to submit to Dark LilyMagazine at least 1 exclusive set per quarter, and 2 non exclusive per issue. You agree to post a Dark Lily promotional link/video to your site, FB, twitter or other online medium page on a monthly basis.Links will be provided to you as well as banners and small adds if needed. All images submitted must be Fantasy Art or Dark Fantasy Art themed

By exclusive we mean only Dark Lily Magazine gets the set. In return you can use our name, logos, and Website to advertise in your business media as an official photographer for Dark Lily Magazine You can offer your paid clients publication in our magazine if they shoot with you. Some may get full features, pages or a double page spread . The goal is that this will bring more paid work your way, and we get new and exclusive content every month.

We will also set up a gallery on our website for your work to be displayed under our “Official Photographers or Models” section. Your Gallery picture will have a direct link to your business website, portfolio or site of your choosing.We will not link directly to any site containing adult material. .

You can stop your commitment to this arrangement anytime you wish, just notify us and we will remove your all your information from the official Dark Lily Photographers or Models page. We do not own your images, we only ask to have usage rights. The images will always remain yours.

Thank You
Ellen Griffin

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Available in both PDF and ODT formats

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agreement in ODT

Questions,Submissions,and suggestions should be directed to: