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1 Month Promo Ad $299.00

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By purchasing a ad/video promo package you are agreeing to the terms of service stated below
This Advertising Agreement

Advertiser desires to engage Dark Lily Magazine to render, and Dark Lily Magazine desires to render to Advertiser, certain advertising Dark Lily Magazine services, as set forth in this Agreement. NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual agreements and covenants herein contained, the parties hereto agree as follows:

1.Engagement: Advertiser engages Dark Lily Magazine to render, and Dark Lily Magazine agrees to render to Advertiser, certain services in connection with Advertiser's planning, preparing and placing of advertising for certain of Advertiser's products as follows: Order advertising space, time, or other means to be used for publication of Advertiser's advertisements, at all times endeavoring to secure the most efficient and competitive rates available.

2.Products : - Ad Space + Video promo.
Full page ad, full color size 2550 pixels wide x 3300 high in Dark Lily Magazine
We create a Video review of your product 1- 3 minutes long
Twitter pack 20 tweets with photo / link or both on @viseratta - twitter account
Placement of video on website
Link will be from YouTube , it is suggested once the video is complete you download a copy and save it to your hard drive
available monthly or quarterly with Dark Lily Magazine.

3.Compensation: Ad /Video Promo Rates for December 2015 through December 2016
Full page Monthly $299.00 1 Ad and 1 video review
Full page Quarterly $799.00 3 ads and 3 separate videos

4.Sizes and format: Full page ad full color size 2550 pixels wide x 3300 high
Accepted file formats JPEG, TIFF
RGB color
Standard sized You tube formatted video

5 Approval: All ads are subject to final approval by Dark Lily Magazine, NO hate, horrific, pornographic or illegal content accepted . Not sure ask before sending , or send in timely for a pre approval before due date if there is a question.

Videos take between 4-7 days to complete on average depending on item being promoted.
Time lines for Video to be finished will start from time "merchandise, promoted items" are received.

6 Cutoff Date: Ad cutoff dates are the 20th day of the prior month for the edition

7 Additional: Check your ads we are not responsible for your typographical or color errors when submitting, if something is noticed we will notify you to correct it. No refunds on prepaid ads ask any questions before purchasing we will gladly help with any question or issues.

E-mail to
If you need a Ad layout done for you there will be a $25.00 per ad charge. In the case of Video re-edits of the final product - there is only one video re-edit any additional ones after thata are 30.00 per edit.